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About Jobbyen

Jobbyen is an innovative job portal that provides overview of job vacancies throughout the country. The platform helps companies find qualified employees in a user-friendly way. We do this by giving companies the opportunity to find the right candidates via CV database of job seekers, via our CV match function, via video database of job seekers and possibility for video interview of job seekers.
Video interview function is a new innovative feature that gives companies a different and better impression of the individual job seeker. And the companies also have the opportunity to upload a video that represents the company or the type of candidate they are looking for. These tools have a great advantage for the companies, who can better form the impression of the individual job seeker and thereby obtain a better decision basis. In addition, this feature helps to make the job search better and easier for the individual job seeker. We believe this is innovative and the future.
We have chosen that Jobbyen must take a social responsibility by working actively to find work for the weak people who have difficulties communicating with the job centers and the companies. In order to best help these people, the video interview function is essential, where the individual job seeker can create a better impression of himself in relation to their CV and applications, which may have some limitations.

Mission and vision

Jobbyen's mission is to help companies find qualified employees via the Internet and job centers. And at the same time helping job seekers get an overview of job vacancies and actively help the individual jobseekers come to work. Jobbyen's vision is to be the most innovative for recruitment via video-based features.

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